SaleMakeup Revolution Baking Oil

Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution Baking Oil

Rs.1,388.00 Rs.1,850.00

Part skincare, part make-up, our Baking Oil contains a unique blend of natural oils that nourish and boost radiance for all skin types - from dry to o..

SaleMakeup Revolution Conceal & Fix Pore Perfecting Primer

Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Fix Pore Perfecting Primer

Rs.1,425.00 Rs.1,900.00

Create the illusion of a smooth and poreless complexion with the Conceal & Fix Pore Perfecting Primer. With a formula that glides on like velvet a..

SaleRevolution Colour Correct Primer

Makeup Revolution

Revolution Colour Correct Primer

Rs.1,193.00 Rs.1,590.00

If you suffer with redness, breakouts or broken blood vessels, Revolution Colour Correct Primer will be your skins best friend. The green liquid formu..

SaleRevolution Hydrate Primer

Makeup Revolution

Revolution Hydrate Primer

Rs.1,193.00 Rs.1,590.00

This primer is the perfect skin pick me up. A fast-absorbing, lightweight water-based primer that will inject your skin with Vitamin E and Hyaluronate..

SaleRevolution Mattify Primer

Makeup Revolution

Revolution Mattify Primer

Rs.1,193.00 Rs.1,590.00

Shine be gone. A clear gel primer that will face shine head on for a complete matte finish. If you want to control your glow, use this primer as your ..

SaleRevolution Pore Blur Primer

Makeup Revolution

Revolution Pore Blur Primer

Rs.1,193.00 Rs.1,590.00

We understand enlarged pores can be a nightmare. Those pesky holes deep rooted in the skin can drive us crazy! Reduce and minimise the appearance of p..

SaleRevolution Star Primer

Makeup Revolution

Revolution Star Primer

Rs.1,988.00 Rs.2,650.00

 A new generation of primers. Introducing the Aquamarine blue, water-based Star Primer enriched with a unique Anise aroma. A Mexcian Anise Extrac..

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